Kayleigh's first months with LCA Jobs

Now my first couple of months as a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant for LCA are well underway and I would like to share 3 key things which are prominent from my short time here so far;

1.  Listens  - One of the most impressive things about working for LCA is that everyone Listens – to Clients, Candidates and each other alike! Communication is key here, and the ‘two ears and one mouth’ adage is very relevant to what we do and how we work. I love the open office, the constant sharing of information and that from my first day people wanted my opinions and were keen to find out what I had to say! This filters through to how we work for clients and candidates, we are encouraged to listen to what people want, working open and honestly and which helps to create long-lasting relationships.

2.  Cares – A quality approach is very actively promoted at LCA, it is obvious that everyone really cares about what they are doing, and always have this at the forefront of service. Time is taken to ensure that Candidates and Clients know how searches will be conducted, and updates will be provided every step of the way. Opinions and feedback matter, and every effort is made to ensure that even if a candidates does not secure a role through LCA, they are still looked after in the same way. Care is also taken with process and handling of information. Most importantly for me I also feel that people here genuinely care about each other – everyone wins together, and pick each other up in the rare occasion that things do not go well!

3.  Advises – This, for me, is the reason LCA remain top of their game – the advice handed out here is second to none. I would like to consider myself an experienced recruiter, however I learn something new here every single day. There is always someone here with advice on how to do something, where to send someone or how to solve any situations that arises. Being new to Property, the advice I have received from Lynn and the team has been invaluable, and in turn this can then be passed to clients and candidates, and my confidence in the industry is growing daily.

Kayleigh Flynn

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

"Hands down the most personable and caring recruitment agents I've worked with in the past couple months (and I worked with about 3). Initially met with Jessica and she said to me she will find me the job in a week which was my goal and that was it! BAM! I started a week later! Jessica and Ryan were able to find me a few really good interviews and able to negotiate my desired package - I couldn't be happier with their service and would highly recommend giving them a call if you ever need advice or a hand getting a job. Thank you so much LCA!"
Aaliyah A, August 2018

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