Predictive Index - Scientifically helping you recruit

What is it?

The Predictive Index® System is an online assessment tool, designed to support management and leadership training, particularly beneficial if used at recruitment level to define job requirements and match with potential candidates, as well as a continued learning and development support tool.

How does it work?

PI PRO – Job Profile

Successful service businesses are only as good as the staff they employ, the challenge is always how to attract and secure the right people for the right positions. We believe that to achieve the highest level of accuracy with long term retention you must first understand the behaviours you require for the role you are looking to fill. Skills, experience and personality are important but Attitude and Behaviour is going to define how successful the outcome will be and understanding both the behaviours you need for your role and matching those to candidates shortlisted will prove pivotal to your recruitment success.

Following the completion of a short questionnaire, we will provide you with detailed analyses of the behaviours your perfect candidate would need to demonstrate in order to succeed in the role you are looking to fill. The results are highly revealing, providing you with a greater insight into the behaviours needed to successfully fulfil your requirements, no longer relying solely on traditional criteria such as levels of experience, technical knowledge and personality.

Amongst other traits, the results of the PI provide detailed information about:

  • Job Characteristics                                                          
  • Decision Making
  • Pace and Variety of Activities                                    
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Focus                                                                                  
  • Delegation and Leadership Style

Cost Included within discounted recruitment fee of 20% plus vat or chargeable at £275.00 plus vat on individual vacancy basis

PI - Personal Profile

The Personal PI assessment measures multiple aspects of personality and behaviour; the natural, preferred behavioural styles of an adult, key motivating needs and personality traits, an individual’s current level of work-related motivation, as well as observable and adapted behaviours to meet their work demands. Crucially you will not only establish whether the candidates natural behaviour is a good match for your role, you will gain a greater understanding of their potential and how to develop and communicate with individuals in a way that achieves the highest levels of performance. 

Candidates are asked to complete a 2-page, free-choice checklist, with 86 words on each page. Results are generated in the form of PI patterns that are then analysed and feedback provided to the employer to discuss suitability.

Amongst other traits, the results of the PI provide detailed information about candidates:

  • Team and goal orientation                                                          
  • Detail & precision in working style
  • Relationship to risk
  • Proactive/reactive behavioural style                                                       
  • Speed required to act on information  
  • Natural style of communication                                   
  • People or task focus 
  • Competitive drive                                                                     

Chargeable at £275.00 plus vat per report

PI Assessment features:

  • Available in over 60 languages
  • Takes 5 Minutes to complete
  • Bespoke, online scoring system                                                              
  • Results instantly available
  • EOCC compliant: developed to APA Standards results
  • Accurate and objective
  • Delivered by trained and licenced PI users                                        
  • Scientifically validated                             

Other services

In addition to the above we are able to provide the following additional services:-

  • Suggested interview questions can be provided specifically designed around results of Job profile to probe the areas of behaviours required

£25.00 plus vat

  • Heightened interview questions can be provided where both Job profile and candidate profile has been carried out generating a highly bespoke list of questions to match job and candidate behaviours

£50.00 plus vat

  • Coaching guidance reports for individuals can be delivered for development purposes

£100.00 plus vat

  • Face to Face presentation of results to individuals and teams to gain further understanding of self and how to maximise team development.

£500.00 plus vat per person, team delivery to be advised dependant on size of team

  • Group profiling to trouble shoot issues within teams and provide development planning

To be agreed based on number within team

  • Profiling of Key Performers to bench mark Behaviours for future roles

£275.00 plus vat per report

  • Profiling Key positions to identify Behaviours required to achieve consistent future recruitment success

£275.00 plus vat per report

  • One to One and Team coaching by highly qualified Personal Development Trainer

To be agreed

"LCA really are one of the best in the business from what I have experienced and far exceed from a normal recruitment agency. They have placed me in both of my estate agent roles within a matter of days of first meeting them. Jess who found me my first job in the business found my CV online and asked to meet me for a friendly chat to see what positions I would be suitable for and within a week I had two interviews lined up and a job offer. I then called them two years later to find another position and this time met Kayleigh who went one better and arranged two interviews from which I had both job offers within days of first calling them. LCA really do take the stress out of the equation when it comes to finding your new job and will support and advice you at every stage. Special thanks to Kayleigh who is a wonderful person and truly does her job brilliantly! I would always recommend LCA for anyone who is serious about finding a job and I’m confident they will do the same for others as they have with me."
Christian W, July 2019

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