Team Q&A: Nicki Newton

With over six years working for a successful corporate Estate Agency, Nicki grew from Trainee Sales Negotiator to one of the company's top property valuation and listers. Nicki is driven to achieve accurate results quickly and uses her ability to uncover what's really important to her clients and candidates to present them with the right options. A great addition to the LCA team!

Name 3 things you’d take with you on a desert island?
  1.  Survival Guide
  2.  Flare
  3.  Knife

What one thing makes you an outstanding individual?
I am always trying to be the best version of me!! So I’ll always try and want to learn and grow into a better me every day!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
At first I wanted to be an ice cream lady from the age of  5 to 8 ( all the ice cream I ever wanted). Then as I got more into my swimming and running, I wanted to be an athlete and be part of the Olympics ??. Then the older I got, I then just wanted to earn money and most importantly to be HAPPY.

If you won £100k tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’d spend your money on?
On a property, as I do not own one!

Who do you admire the most in your life?
FAMILY (I adore them)

What do you love most about your work life?
Learning and earning in a happy environment like LCA!


Contact Nicki for your next move on 020 8506 5029 or at

"I have had a great experience at LCA Recruitment. Jess has taken an interest in getting to know me and has helped guide my career. She has taken the time to give me advice and sending me opportunities that are suited for me. She has worked after business hours and has acted as a career advisor and not just a recruitment agent. I would recommend LCA Recruitment to anyone."
Warren F, December 2016

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